KOKONI K-Banes posées is labeled ""bike welcome"".

Whether you opt for the hills of the Béarn and Basque foothills, or rather for the passes of the Pyrenees, KOKONI wants to pamper you, you cyclists and mountain bikers.

Several passes call you from the Kokoni site: Col de Lie, Col de Lourdios.

The more adventurous will launch an assault on the mythical passes of the Tour de France: Pierre Saint Martin, Marie Blanque or Aubisque.

A bicycle room is at your disposal, with the possibility of recharging electrically assisted bicycles (VAE), as well as a washing area.

Specific tools and a workshop stand are available for maintenance, adjustments and small repairs.

The laundry room with washing machine and dryer is there to clean your clothes after exercise.

KOKONI has prepared circuits for you and provides you with the corresponding .gpx files.

On the road

Kokoni - Col de Lie - Lourdios - Giroune - Heights of Arette - Aramits - Lanne - Kokoni

Piedmont between Béarn and the Basque Country: Arette - Aramits - Esquiule - Barcus -Lanne - Arette

Arette - Col de Lie - Col d'Ichère - Col de Marie Blanque - Gave de Lourdios - Arette:

Arette - Col de Lie - La Pierre - Saint Engrâce - Lanne - Arette

Arette - Col de Lie - Lourdios - La Pierre - Issarbe - Lanne - Arette

By the greenway in the Ossau valley from Buzy to Béon and back along the Gave d'Ossau


Around Arette by mountain bike/Gravel via the Lanne crests and return via Giroune

If you prefer to opt for accompanied mountain bike rides, you can contact Pascal Hourticq in Arette (tel. 06 82 05 58 43) who will take you to the foothills or to the peaks with his mountain bikes and electrically assisted mountain bikes.

In Arette and Oloron, you will find specialist shops for your purchases and repairs.

Tillous Cycles

65 Avenue Marcel Loubens

64570 Arette

05 59 88 90 61
Pyrenees Cycles

6, Av. of March 19, 1962

64400 Oloron-Sainte-Marie

05 24 35 15 13

Pascal Igouassel

Boulevard of the Pyrenees

64400 Oloron-Sainte-Marie

05 59 10 01 62

Also consult the website of the tourist office: